Island hopping

On my tour from Krabi to Ko Lanta, Phi Phi and Phuket a few impressions stand out. Firstly the ferries from one place to the next are probably the best value for money cruise you can do as long as you don’t mind the less then first class accommodation. Then on Ko Lanta the accommodation was reasonably priced but the beach wasn’t much to speak of however most hotels have swimming pools to compensate for this. I personally thought it was boring but I am sure other people would love it. Ko Phi Phi is the opposite very commercial and expensive but certainly a happening place with great beaches and a humming night life. As a matter of fact it was so hot during the days that the night were the only time I felled like living at all. For those heading that way I can recommend the Apache bar. The average age of those visiting is about twenty,if that, so you better go now before you’re to old. (Just like me)

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