In this part of the world transport takes a form that perhaps not everyone is used to. So the ubiquitous motorbike is a 100 cc machine that normally seats three people but I have seen them with five on quite a few occasions. Mum three kids and Dad. Of course only Dad wears a helmet. The preferred model here is a plastic job that would not get certified anywhere else in the world as a crash helmet, my baseball cap gives better protection.

The motorbike comes in a few variations though. For example you can mount a side car on them, really a platform with a railing and then use it as a taxi for six or seven people or to have your own motorized sales outlet, especially popular with food vendors.

Next up the transport scale is a Daihatsu minivan with the sides cut out and two upholstered benches in the back they will quite uncomfortably sit eight and are normally referred to as taxi’s. Another rung up the ladder is the Isusu truck, a flatbed with a meter high canvas sides and a canopy. They will easily fit fifty people and are used as local busses. As they have no windows they are actually quite comfortable in a climate like this. Unless it rains. So now you know how to get around.

Happy traveling.

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