Well I made it to the hot and sweaty capital of Thailand. The bus ride was one of the more uncomfortable once I’ve had in a long time but I guess part of that is my own fault. The seats in the bus are made for people that are on average about 5 feet tall and half my weight so I could only just squeeze in. Then I had forgotten to put my sleeping tabs in my daypack so I couldn’t get to them during the ride as my backpack was in the hold under the bus. All in all a long thirteen hours, I think I’ll fly that stretch next time.

One of the things I got to see while staring out of the window during the night was an accident between a motorcycle taxi and a pickup truck. The motorcycle rider and his passenger were definitely dead but for some reason nobody had covered up the bodies and no ambulance or medical personnel seemed present. I am quite honestly not at all sure if they have an emergency service as such in Thailand.

At six in the morning we arrived in Bangkok and I found a room in the “Green house” a dump of a hotel near Koh Sang road. At least it has a fan and is quiet, I slept most of the morning and didn’t exactly do much during the rest of the day.


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