As promised a few words on the customs department.

The plane got in on time, my luggage had actually arrived as well and I had oodles of time left to catch my connecting flight to Whangarei. Then just before I made my way out, and as my pack had already gone through the x-ray machine and been given a clean bill of health by the operator, I got stopped by some sour looking peasant working for Her Majesties Department of Customs and Excise and directed towards the baggage search area. There were three people rummaging through people their luggage with the know it all look on their face that says if you have been send here then you must be obviously guilty of something hideous.

This was when I made my big mistake. As I had a connection to make I decided that a civilized request for priority treatment couldn’t hurt. WRONG it did. I was told they were going as fast as they could and to wait for my turn. Then they proceeded to process people both in front and behind me until I was the last person left and had duly missed my flight. I am sure there is a special part of hell reserved for these fiends.

The search itself took less then five minutes as I travel light and had nothing more innocuous then a couple of pirated CD’s which they missed in their hurry to go for a coffee brake.


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