Project Controls

Jan left me a comment querying what it exactly is I am doing, here is a synopsis.

Project controls is the execution of best practices to provide project

management with the information to control, and best use, the resources of time, money,

labor, construction equipment,and material.

The basic functions involved in controlling these resources are:

– Estimating

– Cost

– Scheduling

The responsibilities of the controls team include:

A. Establish target (baseline).

A target incorporates scope (what), schedule (when), and budget (cost).

B. Measure performance relative to target.

Measure performance relative to target scope, schedule, and budget.

Scope is the work agreed to by the company and the client. Comparisons

to the target schedule evaluate intermediate progress and overall

completion. Contrasting actual expenditures and commitments to the

target cost provides budget forecasts.

C. Provide information and reporting to facilitate corrective action to maintain target.

Recommend the most efficient, corrective action: revise work sequence,

increase workhours or days, augment resources, or change source for


D. Manage change.

Manage change by identifying the source of change, documenting the

impact, and support project management in obtaining approval.

So there you go that’s the official definition

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