The Royal Queensland show better known as the EKKA is Brisbane’s variation on the agricultural shows that are being held every year all over Australia and New Zealand. In Brisbane they go for the bigger and better variety though with an expected six hundred thousand visitors an official public holiday, next Wednesday is Brisbane show day, and more attractions then you can comfortably visit in a day. Needless to say I had to go and investigate.

Now I don’t really care about cattle and produce other then what a restaurant can make from them so I gave the price baking and award winning cattle a miss in favor of side show alley where they have some fantastic rides that took me right back to my childhood. As long as I can recall I have enjoyed the atmosphere that comes with people having a good time enjoying scary rides and eating all the junk food that is on offer.

Part of shows in Australia is the “show bag” a phenomena that I haven’t encountered else where. Basically it’s a bag of goodies around a single theme. So for Daniel I bought a Thomas the Tank Engine bag and I hope he likes the Thomas stickers, Thomas cup, Thomas pencils and Thomas backpack etc that are in it.

For me I had a good time, took lots of pictures, which I will post in the next few days and have worn out my feet so I should have a good nights sleep.

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