The Ipswich Railway Museum

After a sleep in I decided that avisit to the Railway Museum might be an interesting thing to do. An hour on the train and ten minutes on the bus brought me to North Ipswich where once the largest railway workshops in Queensland were located. Like everywhere else they are now simply a pointer to the age of steam but unlike most others they are actually still operating and being used partly to restore old steamers and partly as a museum. I joined two of the tours through the workshops and they were both fascinating. Conducted by actual employees of the workshop during the week they are fitters and boilermakers and during the weekends they are rostered on as tour guides. The result is that you get things explained by people that actually know what they are talking about.

For me it was also nostalgic as most of the work they demonstrated I have in a smaller form at one time or an other done at school. So for any one interested in railways I can heartlily recommend it.

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