Interesting travels.

Monty our regular helicopter pilot is a Vietnam veteran and flies like it. I went out for a quick look at the North West Moran line clearing today and we skimmed across tree tops over ridges and through valleys. Then we came to helicopter pad “Bravo” A clearing amongst the trees you can hardly turn a car around in let alone land a helicopter the size of a small truck in, or at least that’s what I thought. “A bit tricky, the wind is coming from the wrong direction”  Monty said and then we plunged down into the hole in a sideways motion, a whirlwind of wood chips engulfed the machine a few bounces and we were down. Dave and I spend about twenty minutes talking to the bush cutting crew, who have ended their strike and are back at work, then had them cut down a few trees so we could get enough room to take of again.

Never a dull day out here!

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