Let’s try for a bit of an update.

The days are fairly routine at the moment, get up at five in the morning, have a shower, shave and breakfast then deal with the emails that have come in overnight from those with insomnia or in other timezones. Discuss site security ,who is threatening who, are all our work areas open and accesible, which crews need armed protection etc. The following conversation is typical.

Eric “What’s happening today?”
Terry ” Some people at the watersource are threatening delta crew”
Eric “verbal or do they want to chop them?”
Terry “They say stop work and the men are afraid”
Eric “Will they chop them?”
Terry “Maybe”
John “What are we going to do about it?”
Terry “I’ll go down and talk to them”
John “Will you take some police?”
Terry “I’ll take one mobile squad”
Eric “Any other problems”
Terry ” No everything else is quiet”

Funnily enough when people are trying to do the right thing we seem to end up in trouble as well. The other day for example one of our bush labourers fell ill and arranged for his brother to do his work. An excellent arrangement in his mind. Of course half way during the day when one of our expat supervisors caught up with the crew and realised that there was someone he didn’t recognise we had to tell him to stop working as he didn’t have safety gear, hadn’t been given a medical fitness test and wasn’t inducted. Seems like sometimes you just can’t do the right thing.

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