I have had a full day of Jungle walking and it shows. I must have added another hundred mosquito bites to my collection, removed a leech and in general I feel knackered.
The day began with a trip across the river to the park proper and then a gentle walk to the tree top canopy walk. This is basically a set of suspension bridges strung high in the tree tops so you can watch the forest from above. It’s an interesting concept and just about anyone that visits the park also does the canopy walk.
After the I had clambered down from the canopy again I got talking to Chris from Manchester, about my age and level of fitness who was also sweating like a pig. We exchanged the usual travelers greetings, “How are you?, Where do you come from?” and then decided to set of together to climb Bukit Terek a hill nearby that has a lookout over the jungle. The trip was a killer unrelenting in it’s steepnes. We stumbled upwards and onwards stopping every few minutes for a a rest and to drink some more water. When we finally made it to the top the South East Asian haze prevented any real views but it felt like an achievement to have just done it.
To top it all off we then decided to walk on to Lubok Simpon a waterhole at one of the parks rivers. This proved to be a lot easier going but aslo a lot longer then we anticipated so when we finally got there we took shoes and shirts off and just dived in the river. Lovely!
The walk back followed the river and was relatively flat. A good thing to boy was I glad to get back to my hotel.

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