It’s a lovely morning out here in Vientiane and after having had some breakfast and drinking a few coffees while reading the newspaper I went for a stroll through town. I came across a fairly decent looking hair salon and decide to try my luck. Now it’s not that I have suddenly overcome male pattern baldness but the hair on the back of my neck started to look unruly.
When I go to Tony the barber in Whangarei it takes him about three minutes and a number two razor to get me looking fine again, not so in Vientiane. First they washed my hair, all two strands of it, then there were hot towels, cold towels and a head massage. I’ve never figured out what the purpose of a cranial manipulation is I find it neither pleasant nor have I noticed ever any benefit from it. But on with the show. The cutting using a combination of three different razors and a pair of scissors takes half an hour and then I look just like coming out of Tony’s shop.

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