Kathmandu hasn’t changed much from my last visit and neither has the chaos in Thamel. There are touts, beggars and carpet salesmen everywhere. You can’t walk a meter without someone wanting to stop you and the rubbish still piles up on the street corners everywhere and still I like it.

Luckily if you want to get away from the hassle for a moment there is always the Kathmandu Guesthouse garden and it was here that we met up with Edwin, Ester, Jesper and Ria. It was great to see Ria and Edwin after such a long time and to meet Edwin’s wife and young son.
We spend the next few days mainly in thamel with a site trip to Bhaktapur and Nagarkot, on which I will blog separately, as well as a visit to a paper factory on the outskirts of town.Young boy having an ice cream

Grocery shopping

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  1. Eric,No recent blogs must mean that you are busy working again…How about sending an email to tell us how you are going.CheersRogerps email address is my firstname.lastname at thalesgroup.com.austrlaia(just in case)


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