Cape Reinga

Well I made it to Cape Reinga and it’s famous light house. While not quite the most northern point in the country it’s as close as you can get without a five hour hike.
My last visit here must have been something like twenty years ago and while the country side and sea views are as spectacular as ever the road to it has improved a great deal and bar a three kilometer stretch is now completely sealed. The light house and surrounding area itself has also had a makeover and now has ample car parking, modern toilets and a beautiful trail with explanatory signs leading down to the light house itself.
Outside the entrance was the opportunity to sponsor a native tree or flower to assist with the replanting of the surrounding area. So I handed over twenty dollars and got to choose what plant I wanted to have, a Hebe Stricta in my case, and then with the help of a lovely Maori lady plant and water it. I also received a certificate with the coordinates on it so I can come and visit it when I am up next and a postcard of Cape Reinga that I have mailed off to Daniel and Laura.

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