In spite of the strike I have already managed to get a trekking permit, TIMS card and cash from the bank to go trekking. I got my airline ticket this morning and I’ll be off on Monday to Lukla and then very slowly towards Gokyo. Hopefully I have a better flight then last time.
As I still suffer daily from sore knees it is my intention to use 3 days rather then the usual 2 from Lukla to Namche Bazaar, then stay for at least 3 nights in Namche to acclimatize before taking 4 to 5 days to walk to Gokyo. I’ll then stay there for a few days while making day trips to the lakes and glaciers that dot the landscape in this area.
After that time and state of my body permitting I will walk back to Lukla and fly to Kathmandu or spend an extra week walking to Jiri and take the bus from there to the capital. Either way I have to be back by the end of May to extend my visa or leave the country for Tibet or India.

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