It’s a hard life.

Yesterday I busied myself with; breakfast, walk along the beach for ten minutes, drink coffee, swim, have lunch, read a book, swim, have a few beers, eat dinner, read some more, go to sleep.
Not to exhausting a schedule.

There was another huge downpour last night with fairly high winds but this morning the weather is back to it’s tranquil self. I measured the temperatures over the last 24 hours and it’s consistently around 31.5 degrees Celsius during the day falling to 28.4 during the night. Very nice indeed.

My fellow travelers are the usual bunch ranging from the mundane to the plain odd. There is a family with two young children, eight and ten or there abouts, the mandatory Dutch guy (No not me, another one), some British and Americans ( Who are stereotypical loud and talk about “back in the day…” which can’t be more then five years ago for them as none of them looks old enough to have left college.) There are people with dreadlocks and beads and virtually all women and most men have tattoos. Then there are the inevitable white guys with a Thai “girlfriend” in tow. One of them a thirty to forty year old French guy with a solid physique, obviously spend a lot of time in the gym, with a girl about half his size and the body of a twelve year old.She didn’t look to happy when he wanted to go back to their room. Don’t blame her.

And then there is the staff. The “resort” is run by an extended family that follows the principal of “if people really want something they’ll ask”. Ordering something in the restaurant or paying for it means waking up the nearest likely looking person and putting in your request which will get a nod of the head or some grunt and then some time later your food or drink will miraculously appear. The food by the way is very nice. Curries that are hot enough to bite without obscuring the flavor of the underlying ingredients and plenty of it. I had a quick nosy through the kitchen at the back of the place and was impressed with how clean it was the kitchen staff even wears disposable hair nets and gloves.

Enough writing for one day, back to lazing about.

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