Perfect Day

There was some heavy overnight rain but by the time I got out of bed and wandered over to the restaurant it was dry and the sun had come out and the weather with a little sea breeze blowing was perfect again.
So what to do as they say in Nepal. I had an email from dad asking me more or less the same, what else is there apart from a beach? Well the island is quite large and most of the interior is a national park that has plenty of opportunities for hiking and swimming in streams and waterfalls, there is an elephant camp where you can get a jungle trip on the back of a pachyderm and of course there is diving and snorkeling. Oh and there is a cooking school where I will be taking lessons tomorrow.
For me right now the attraction remains sun, sea and sand though the water temperature is just right not a hint of a chill when you get in and by judiciously exposing myself to the sun I start to get a nice tan. Then there is the opportunity to sit back and read a book as well as writing my blog posts and slowly starting to write down the outline of my autobiography, working title “The rat ate my bar of soap and other things I hate about this place”

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