More ruins and a bike ride.

After a days rest I got back on the bike, and feeling a lot better then during my first ride tackled the “Grand Circuit” a trip that takes in most of Angkor’s main temples. It turned out to be quite a day. In the end I cycled almost fifty kilometers over highways and byways visiting numerous temples and feeling yet again like death warmed up at the end of it. What is nice about being out on a bike though is the ability to go where you please and stop where you want. I’ve seen monkeys and birds, and people working in the rice paddies where all those in a tuktuk just raised by. I seem to get a better reception from the locals as well, who of course all travel by bike as well.

One comment

  1. Hallo Eric,
    Terug van onze wandelvakantie door de Nederlandse dreven,las ik in je blog, dat je reislust nog steeds niet is gedoofd.
    Heb genoten van je, met prachtige foto's gelardeerde, reisavonturen!!
    Die prachtige “koksfoto” heb ik maar opgeslagen.
    Je ouders zullen best heimwee naar
    je hebben. Be carefull!! JAN en REINO


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