Matthew and I decided on an exploratory walk of Kunming today. We grabbed a map and walked off to Green Lake Park and immediately ended up in the major shopping mall area, more stores then Singapore.
A friendly and excellent English speaking student gave us a quick introduction to town and not much later we ended up in the park. Architecture as to be expected is Chinese with colorful entry gates and lots of lotus flowers on the pond.
The reason we came here other then a walk is to see a small water pump station that was originally built at the turn of the 19th century and is now a small museum. Interesting but I liked the park more then the museum

Then it was on to the Yuántōng Temple which was quite interesting and looked exactly as a you would expect a Chinese temple to look like. With multi colored buildings, people burning joss sticks and lots of old people milling about.

The place is stacked with Buddha statues and Chinese deities.

After we left the temple we wandered around town and came upon this lovely pavilion and discovered it was full of people playing Mahjong and drinking green tea.

A bit later we happened on a street full of sign writers.
It’s been an interesting day.

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