Everest Trek – Day 3 – Shivalaya to Deorali

Got stopped while leaving Shivalaya this morning by a lovely young lady who wanted 2000 rupees for a new permit the government has instigated to celebrate Visit Nepal Year. I told her flat out I wouldn’t be paying and would rather be going back to Jiri then being ambushed with extra charges during my trek. I think she quickly understood that I wasn’t going to budge on this one and let me go. I am still pissed off about it while I am writing this.

The trek itself went largely as planned with a steep upward path right from the start, I wasn’t going fast but was reasonably satisfied with my progress until ten minutes before I got to the pass at Deorali it started to rain and by the time I found shelter in one of the tea houses it absolutely poured down.

It never stopped raining and as I know the downhill section on the otherside is pretty steep I wasn’t keen on trekking on in the rain so it was an easy decision to call it a day, grab a room and roll out my sleeping bag.

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