Everest Trek – Day 7 – Dagchu to Junbesi

Not a very good nights sleep but at least it wasn’t cold. By 7 am I am walking again the mountain is still covered in fog and there is a light drizzle coming down, a small dog has decided to keep me company and is very persistently following me uphill. The trail is steep and quite scrappy in places with lots of boulders and uneven stones When I walk through the village of Lamjura the village dogs spot my companion and lay into him their is lots of flying fur and he scoots into someones house To my surprise the owner doesn’t chase him out. I continue uphill, it is getting a bit cooler now and the rain a bit heavier so I don my rain coat and keep on moving. Three hours after leaving Dagchu I reach the pass of Lamjura La, the view is non existent so I don’t linger and start the decent.
The way down is like a rocky river with boulders everywhere and different streams splitting of and then rejoining the main flow. The forest adds abit of gloom to the whole affair but apart from sliding around on the wet stones I don’t come to any major harm. Just when the trail levels out and I exit the forest a real heavy downpour begins funnily enough of in the distance I can see the valley Junbesi is in ahead in bright sun shine. I keep on walking and a few minutes later the rain abates, another thirty minutes and I put my raincoat away, another thirty minutes after that I am in Jubesi having a cup of tea. All in all I have walked for six hours non stop and my knees feel a bit iffy from the steep down hill hopefully they are OK again tomorrow.

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