It was gray and rainy when I went for my coffee and breakfast burrito this morning but by the time I finished and walk back to the hotel the rainraid abated somewhat and I decide to risk the walk down to the ferry terminal to catch my boat to Juneau.
The lady behind the counter assures me that walking to the terminal is impossible, it’s to far, it could start raining again and more important no one ver walks. I put my pack on and set out.
The road is level and largely follows the coast line, it’s grey and damp but otherwise stays dry. Once I get out of town the conifers rise up on the side of. The road and a sign warns that bears have been spotted in the area but they must have better things to do as they remain illusive. Occasionally a bald eagle flys over and a solitairy otter breaks the waves and briefly looks at me before disappearing again. Fog obscures my view from time to time but after two and a half hours the ferry terminal suddenly appears. The moment I step inside it starts raining again.

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