Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

It’s been a while since my last post.

From Yogyakarta I traveled by train to Jakarta a seven hour long but pleasant journey and then things slowly turned to custard for me. The next day I went for a walk to Merdeka square felt a bit light headed, walked back to my hotel and promptly fainted in the hotel lobby. This was probably more traumatic for the hotel staff then me and I came too again within seconds. So spent the remainde of that day and all of the next in my hotel in the air conditioning and started feeling a bit better. I did go out again after that but still feeling pretty weak most of the time. Then last Sunday I left Jakarta for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, had an ordinary flight, breezed through customs and immigration and promptly got pick pocketed on the way to my hotel. They worked in a team and I immediately realised what had happened but by then the doors on the train were closing and they were off down the platform. Welcome to Malaysia!
On arrival in my hotel I cancelled my credit cards and rang Mum to transfer some money via Western Union, I leave money in her account for exactly this type of emergency. Then spent way to much time and money ringing Visa to get a replacement card, but to their credit it a arrived within 48 hours.
Now I’m back on my feet but feeling a little more weary of fellow men.
Sunny Jakarta, where the air is fresh, Not!

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