EBC Day 13

The truth about my hikes is that often I enjoy the opportunity to sit down in peace and quiet and read a book just as much if not more than the actual walking. However, if you actually want to get anywhere a modicum of physical effort is called for. So off I go again today.

First, the trail undulates through a few hamlets then climbs steadily to Monjo where my TIMS card gets checked for the first time this trip than a short while later to Jorsale where I officially enter the Sagarmatha National Park. And then the trail goes up and up and up. The Namche hill as it’s known is infamous among trekkers for its steep and unrelenting grade without even a tea shop to provide an excuse to stop and put your feet up. Over the years I’ve met people who took almost a full day to make it to the top and it took me almost half a day myself last time I did this trek. Now my fitter self hikes it in two and a half hours.

I’m pleased with that.

Trekkers crossing a swing bridge near Jorsale
First glimpse of Mount Everest


One comment

  1. Being mentally prepared is the key. I think the climb to Tengboche should be the most renowned! I wasn’t mentally prepared for it the first time.Well done on the two and half hour climb. I’ll have to remember to time the actual climb rather than the full day on our next trek. Louise


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