EBC Day 20

Cool but not cold this morning. let me tell you about another danger of the altitude. HAF or High Altitude Farts! For some reason it’s not uncommon for me to suffer from bloating and the occasional cramps while at altitude and last night was a classical case. People were polite about it this morning but I’m sure that the sound of a methane gas explosion must have woken up everyone last night. I did feel a lot better after that though.


Today’s hike is a short one up the valley and while the walking goes well the altitude makes it hard work and a strong wind makes it harder still. While wandering along in the general direction of the cluster of hotels that makes up Chukung and carefully crossing numerous partially frozen glacial run-offs I was passed by a a young local woman. Turned out she was there to open up the lodge I was planning to stay at. Good timing on someone’s part. The mountains here are stunning and if I can handle the weather the plan is to stay here for a few nights before returning to the fleshpots of Namche Bazaar.


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