Hile to Banthanti

IMG_1733The sun is shining and there is hardly a cloud in the sky when I get up this morning, looks like a great day for hiking. Breakfast is a bowl of porridge and pot of tea both hot and with a lot of sugar. Then I set off. Immediately the trail climbs up amongst the hotels that make up Hile but after a few minutes it levels off and shortly after enters Tikhedunga. That’s where the real work starts. The trail now becomes a staircase and it’s 3500 gruelling steps are infamous amongst trekkers and I go slow, very IMG_1747slow and the view gets better all the time,eventually I reach Ullerri. Lunch is a mixed affair good company, two American couples who are on a two week holiday from their jobs with a tech company, but mediocre food with a Dal that is tasteless and a curry that is just boiled potatoes. After lunch the trail keeps going up but more gradual then in the morning weaving through rhododendron forests dripping wet and trees covered in lichen and moss with flowers red and pink. Clouds are all ready covering the hills whenI arrive in the small settlement of Banthanti my home for the night.


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