Ghorepani to Diorali

The lodge was packed to the rafters last night and unfortunately among the guests was a group of ten or so Russians who proceeded to get very drunk and very noisy. My ears are still ringing with the noise. IMG_1826But the skies are blue and Nathalie, a lady from Canada whom I met on the trail, and I are hiking up Poon Hill to marvel at the views. Rather than getting up with everyone else at five o’clock we had decided last night that we would go after breakfast and it proved to be the right decision. When we got to the top there were only three other people and the views were fantastic. The people that were there confirmed that there were more than 200 people at sunrise and they had to line up to take their photos. Bloody madness if you ask me. After lounging about on top for a while we head back to the hotel have a cup of tea and an early lunch before climbing out of Ghorepani and on to the ridge that leads to Diorali and while it’s getting a bit cloudy there still are great mountain views and few people to spoil them. In the end, it’s almost dark before we stop for the night in a lodge nestled amongst the trees at the start of a gully we will have to descend tomorrow.


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