Bupsa to Kharikola

IMG_2426It’s only twenty past seven when I get out of bed but I’m alone for breakfast as everybody else has left early to have at least part of the climb to Surkhe in the early morning cool. I’m going the other way, down the hill and not very far, that I’m in no hurry. It’s a bit more overcast than yesterday and I notice only helicopters flying to and from Lukla. Lukla roulette for all those trying to fly in or out. Will the weather clear? Should we pay extra for a helicopter?IMG_2425 How about walking to Phaplu and take a jeep? On occasion, flights have been suspended for over a week everyone knows this and it leads to endless speculation by those having to return to Kathmandu by a fixed date. I finish breakfast and head down the trail, slowly, the temperature is already climbing and even going down sweat drips from my body. The scenery is gorgeous with all the fields that were barren earth only two months ago now lush and green. Farmers are already harvesting some crops and buffaloes are grazing the fields it all looks pretty idyllic after only an hour or so I arrive in Kharikola where my first choice of hotel is booked by a group but the next one is happy to have me although they have a bit of a giggle about my short walk. My reason for this is simple enough, my knees are still sore from yesterday’s descent and tomorrow I will have to go down another six hundred meters before climbing a further thousand followed by another large uphill stretch to Ringmo La the next day and a steep descent and another climb to Junbesi.


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