A day of rest I have decided. The Australian group that has all the other rooms in the lodge is here to celebrate the opening of the Junbesi school that they helped rebuild after the earthquake. In typical Nepali fashion the reopening was to be celebrated with speeches by the adults and dances by the children and as it would be a short affair it was scheduled for only three hours. I wandered down after the music started and took a bunch of photos. Then managed to retreat back to the Lodge before I got roped into the proceedings as well. Turned out I couldn’t escape the festivities completely when I wanted to order dinner this evening I was told that everyone was having special Dhal Bhat and indeed the whole school committee, the Australian Aid group, the health post workers and the local Lama all joined for dinner it was noisy I got asked about a hundred times what country I was from and had the almost standard conversation about how New Zealand differs from Nepal. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the rakshi flowed freely.


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