Junbesi to Sete

IMG_2606The not so distant sound of thunder. It’s raining, gray and I can’t see more than two meters ahead of me. And the day started off so promising. There was some rain last night but it was clear and sunny while I hiked up the valley that leads to the trail that leads to Lamjura La. Jim another hiker from New Zealand overtook me about halfway and we had a brief chat before he moved ahead of me. He too has been to Nepal before and like me rates this section of the trail highly. Right now the scenery is at its best with the whole rhododendron forest in bloom. Pinks and reds are everywhere and I stop frequently to take pictures. The trail climbs over rocks and tree roots to the pass and slowly I climb up in the clouds. The forest becomes more fairytale like the higher I get and then there is a loud rumble to return my attention to the here and now. Being on a mountain ridge in an electrical storm is neither smart nor fun. As soon as I crest the pass it starts to rain and I stop to put my camera away and don my rain gear. The rain becomes hail and the thunder is getting closer it really is time to get down! The trail disappears in the cloud and at times I’m wondering if I’m still on the right track. Then all of a sudden a small timber shack appears amongst the trees and I duck inside. As with most of the buildings along the trail, this place doubles as a farm house and tea shop and the owner hardly bats an eyelid when suddenly there is a dripping wet guy with a backpack standing in his living room. Tea gets served and I have some noodle soup for lunch in the meantime the storm seems to dissipate somewhat and after an hour I press on. In the end, it never gets really dry but at least there’s no lighting. All in all, I’m glad when I arrive in Sete and celebrate with a Snickers and a Fanta. Life’s good really.IMG_2595

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