Lack of sleep and scary flights

Last night was without doubt one of my worst nights as far as insomnia goes in a long time. I tossed,turned and seemingly checked my watch every five minutes or so. It was a relief to get up at a quarter past four in the morning and make my way to the airport. I shouldn’t have hurried, unbeknownst to me all but one flight had been canceled yesterday and it didn’t look good for today either. First the flight was delayed by one hour then another and then all of a sudden a departure announcement and a rush for the plane followed by another half an hour while we sat on the runway waiting for a forecast update. Than it was engines on ,and up we went in what looked to me pretty limited visibility. The cloud cover stayed all the way to Lukla but the pilot aimed the plane for the right spot and we got there in one piece. The first hour’s hiking brings home how bloody unfit I am and the second hour informs me off all the parts of my body that can hurt. After three hours I’m ready to give up and call it a day and the first hotel I see in Phakding becomes my home for the rest of the day.

When I’m trying to have a rest after lunch my body shakes and spams, my knees and back hurt and I pile two duvets on my bed in addition to my sleeping bag. A proper start to my hike, why am I doing this again?


  1. I think every trek since our first trek, we’ve had a “tell me again why we’re doing this again?” moment (well, more than one “moment” each trek). Yet we keep returning. Some sort of sickness, eh? Your blog is great!

    David (Landfall38)


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