The byways of Kathmandu

Not being able to walk for more thenten minutes at a time put a bit of a dampner on my visit to Pokhara and after ten days I have decided to return to Kathmandu where I have never to walk far to see something interesting and where the hotel garden is close by when I wan a rest.


  1. Hi Eric. I enjoy reading your blog tremendously. As luck would have it I’m travelling to Kathmandu in November, with a side trip to Lukla (with the insane airport) and a trek from Lukla to Namche.

    Having never been there before, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.



    • If you have not been to Kathmandu before the noise, pollution and general chaos will blow your socks off but once you get “adjusted” there is a lot to see. Make sure you visit the cities of Patan and Bhaktapur as well and do visit the great stupa of Boudnath as well as the Pashupatinath, Nepal’s most important temple.


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