A trip to the South Island

Day 1 & 2 Whangarei to Wellington

Publish or perish they say but nobody said I can’t just put up photos and descriptions rather than a compete narrative. I’m a better photographer than a writer anyway.

Camridge home of the horse racing industry added some bronze ones to their town square so we won’t forget their claim to fame
Is it a ewe? Is it a ram? Nope, it’s the Tirau visitors centre.
This one is for old times sake. Over the years I have twice been involved in refurbishments projects at the Kinleith Pulp and Paper Mill. It’s a smelly and unpleasant affair but the job itself was pleasant enough.
You can’t run a paper mill without logs, lots of them!
We stopped overnight in Taupo where I saw this adorable Kraken. The cat doesn’t look bad either.
On we go past mount doom…
…and Taihape’s big boot.
Before ending our day at our friends place on the Kapiti Coast.

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