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Screenshot KTM airquality
The daily air quality in Kathmandu 


On my return from the Everest area, I spent a few days in Kathmandu then deciding that the air quality there was quite literally choking me I took the bus to Pokhara. And while the air is better in Pokhara my body was not and for a week I coughed and spluttered before deciding it was time to go walking again. But that is tomorrow’s story.



here’s a break from the travelogue because today is Holi and that means no one is safe from a soaking or being smeared with food coloring.

The festival celebrates the piety of  Pralhad son of the demon king Hiranya Kashyapu. The king ordered Pralhad’s sister Holika to carry the boy into a fire because he did not want to stop chanting Lord Vishnu’s  name. And long story short Pralhad survived the flames unscathed while his sister burned to a crisp.

How all this leads to water fights, color smearing and drinking too much rakshi is unclear but everyone seems to have a good time, especially the kids.

IMG_1518The neighbourhood raiding party.

IMG_1525A direct hit on me!

IMG_1559Sangita coloring in the hotel guests