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Screenshot KTM airquality
The daily air quality in Kathmandu 


On my return from the Everest area, I spent a few days in Kathmandu then deciding that the air quality there was quite literally choking me I took the bus to Pokhara. And while the air is better in Pokhara my body was not and for a week I coughed and spluttered before deciding it was time to go walking again. But that is tomorrow’s story.


Another break in the narrative

My thoughts are seldom linear so why should my blog be?

After a lousy night’s sleep, I got up at half-past six in the morning with a sore throat and a dripping nose ideal conditions for an eight-hour bus ride. Everybody seems to be deserting Kathmandu today, there are six of us heading for Pokhara from the Garden House alone.IMG_1591The bus arrives dead on time and after the bus boy has chucked my bag in the hold, with the spare tyre, a goat and some potatoes we’re off. Not sure what happened to my fellow backpackers they are either on another bus service or they are now staying an extra night in town.IMG_1610The air quality in Kathmandu has returned to abysmal and the steady stream of buses and trucks we’re now part of adds considerably to the pollution and to my dismay even after leaving town the air is still hazy and grey.On the upside, we have a very steady drive with only the occasional stop for a toilet break or to have a meal and the opportunity for a chat with our fellow travellers and exactly eight hours after we set off the bus deposits us in the Tourist Bus Park in Pokhara where a friendly tout whisks me off to a hotel.It’s raining when we get there.IMG_1623