The flights to Singapore went pretty smooth, just the way I like them, the only bottleneck was at Auckland immigration where hundreds of people were queuing to get through but even so that took only about twenty minutes.

Emirates lived up to their reputation, service was good, the food edible and as they have separate inseat monitors for everyone I could select my own movie. So I caught up on Matrix Revolutions which I had failed to see when it was in the cinema and in spite of the critics panning it I quite enjoyed it. On the Brisbane leg I managed to sleep for a few hours so by the time we arrived in Singapore I was quite well rested. However as it was only two in the morning I did curl up in a corner of the airport and got some rest.

At around six in the morning I decide enough is enough and had wash and a shave at one of the hand basins in the public toilets, got myself a black coffee and some toast and hopped on the MRT to Paya Lebar station.

Now Paya Lebar is about halfway between town and the airport in the Geilang district of Singapore this is a mainly Malaysian part of town and if You keep on following Geaylang road you eventually end up in down town Singapore. So that’s just what I did.

There are plenty of shophouses and small coffee shops to investigate the odd temple here and there and I even got called at by a few of the prostitutes that apparently frequent this part of town. I hope they look better at night or they won’t get many clients though.

All in all it took me almost three and a half hours before I had walked to my hotel where after a shower a rest and abut two liters of water I am writing this. I am feeling a little peckish so I guess I am going to find myself some lunch now.

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