Well I wasn’t kidding when I wrote in my previous message that the weather looked threatening. I had just gone for a walk through the market when the sky opened up. Now I have traveled and lived in monsoonal areas for a large part of the last twenty years but this was something else. Within minutes of the rain starting the stormwater system gave up and the streets started flooding which brought swarms of cockroaches from the gutters onto the pavement and while everybody including myself was busy stomping on roaches and stopping them from running up our legs the second wave of refugees hit. The rats had obviously decided that life in the sewer was not all that pleasant anymore and before they could be swept out to sea or wherever it is that Hat Yai flushes it’s waste too they decided to flee to higher ground as well so amongst loud shrieks I now had kick rats in the head as well. Needles to say I was also soaked to the bone, still it makes a change from hanging out on the beach.

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