Everest Trek – Day 21 Gokyo

Slept a great deal better then last night and didn’t get up till 7:30. That’s downright late when you are hiking but as I will be staying for a few days in Gokyo that’s OK.
Helen one of the doctors at the Machermo health post came in today she is doing the rounds of the lodges to spread the word on what’s new for the season at the clinic and to hand out information packs that trekkers can read on the dangers of altitude sickness. You would have thought that after all these years of publication in guide books and general awareness amongst trekkers this wouldn’t be necessary anymore but there isn’t a single day that the rescue helicopter doesn’t have to fly to pick up someone dying from going up to fast.
For exercise I walked up to the fourth lake but the weather has changed yet again and continuing rain and sleet eventually drove me back to the lodge. The outside temperature is just above freezing and that’s around midday.

Gokyo as seen from the glacial moraine.

The Ngozumba glacier.

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