Phortse Thanga

It’s four o’clock, cloudy, and feels like winter. Ok it is winter. February in Nepal is as wintry as it gets and I’m currently 3700 meters high in the Himalayas that expecting it to be warm is probablya bit of a stretch.

However this morning started with the most gorgeous weather possible it was sunny and clear with great views of the mountains and a clear blue sky. The temperature was just above freezing when I left Namche Bazaar and it made the walking a delight. While making my way slowly uphill and out of town I met up with Blake a young man from Texas and we spent most of the morning overtaking each other and stopping every few minutes to catch our breath and admire the view. Eventually we reach the top of the pass at Mong and I slump down on a bench in the restaurant while the proprietor bring me a litre of tea and we await our Dal Bhat. After an hour or so Blake and his guide set off again they are aiming for Dole today while that’s tomorrow’s target for me. I stay a little longer and once the clouds start drifting in I head down the hill towards Phortse Thanga. The wind has picked up a bit and once the clouds cover the sun it gets rapidly colder but it’s all downhill for me and an hour later I’m in the Phortse Thanga Guesthouse in front of the fire. I’m tired but nothing to bad

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