One last look

All good things must come to an end, at least for now.  Shortly I’ll be off to Bangkok and than onwards to New Zealand but for now here are some more pictures of Kathmandu in and around Durbar square.



  1. Hi Eric. Those photos are fabulous. I can’t wait to follow in your footsteps.

    I’ll be there in November, including a trek from Lukla to Namche. I’m already doing high altitude hiking/training. Do you have any advice about that trek – safety issues, where to sleep/eat, what to pack, etc?


    • Hi Ozzy

      Are you going only as far as Namche? If you do you’ll get some great mountain views from behind the National Park HQ as well as from the terrace of the Everest View hotel. If you get on an early flight to Lukla try to walk as far as Benkar the first day. The Waterfall Lodge is old fashioned but does a great Dal Bhat and by walking the extra distance you will make the next day a lot easier.


      • Thanks for the excellent advice. I was actually planning to go the 8.5 miles from Lukla to Jorsalle the first day (virtually no net change in altitude). That distance is easy for me, but are there compelling reasons not to do this?


  2. Hi

    If you are capable of walking to Jorsale there is no real reason not to do it other than the time required. If you enter the park at Jorsale and walk another five or ten minutes to the cluster of lodges across the suspension bridge the last one on the left, the Nirvana Lodge has a pleasant garden and nice rooms as well as hot showers available.


  3. Hi Eric

    Need some advices on doing solo EBC or ABC trekking in mid September.

    I am new to trekking but have completed the following solo,

    1. 2 days/1 night Leaping Tiger Gorge
    2. 7 days/6 nights Italian Alps (2-3k meters elevation)

    In addition I did spend 4 weeks in Sichuan and Tibet at above 3k m and visited China base camp 1 at 5,200m. Although it was mostly driven mileage but I felt minimal altitude effects. It probably because I was doing the trip by bus.

    Are the trails well marked so someone could do it solo? Advices?



    • Hi Ron
      The trails are wide, easy to follow and occasionally marked. As long as you do one of the main trekking routes it’s difficult to go wrong. In addition these trails are well traveled by locals so if in doubt just wait a minute for someone to come by and ask! As far as acclimatisation to the altitude goes take a rest day for every 1000 meter of altitude gain and if at all possible do not ascend more then 300 meter a day. That is it’s fine to climb up or over a pass just make sure you go down again and sleep at an altitude no higher then 300 meters from where you started out in the morning.


      • Eric,

        This is great info. As the days will be getting shorter, I will need to be careful with the longer segments. Btw are there GPS waypoints? Regards


      • Hi Ron
        Even on long days you are unlikely to walk more then five hours a day as you are limited by the altitude gain. As for GPS waypoints I’m sure they’re out there somewhere if you google for them but you certainly don’t need them walking to EBC.


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